Zip Line

A zipline ride is a great adventure for all those who love the thrill of doing something challenging but at the same time very safe.

Our Zip line is situated in the Topola skies Resort and Aquapark premises, the newest instalatton for extreme ride is 468 meters long with alltitude of 118 meters above sea level. The maximum speed which is developed while zip lining is 80 kph.

The scenery below you is breathtaking and you will have the birds-eye view of it as you whiz down the zip-line.


Minimum weight 30 kg and maximum 130 kg, children above 8 years old.Please wear proper shoes, no slippers allowed!

Price for one ride – 20 lv.

Opening hours from Monday to Friday ZipLine is going to operate only upon advanced reservation, Saturday and Sunday with following working hours 09:30 to 17:30 For more information please call +359 897208097

*Please check the weather forecast in the area in advance!

15% discount for stay in July
10% discount for stay in August
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