Action Park

If your way to break away from the boring everyday life is to get some adrenalin, then the adventure park of Topola Skys Resort and Aquapark is the perfect place for your vacation. The hotel complex offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a variety of rope entertainment facilities of extreme nature and with two levels of difficulty:

Level 1 - With a height of 2.5 m. and ten obstacles along the way, this part of the Topola Skies Adventure Park is for all beginners who want to test their limits;

Level 2 - The game for advanced is more demanding and with significantly more complex obstacles. With a height of 5 m, this section of equipment will put your physique to a real test and will make you sweat.

The action park of Topola Skys Resort and Aquapark also offers its guests two climbing walls with a height of 8 m each.

All guests of Topola Skys Resort and Aquapark can take advantage of the action facilities free of charge with an all inclusive package.

External guests should pay an entrance fee of BGN 30 per person.