Dream SPA

The unique DREAM SPA center is one of the most desirable places to visit in „Topola Skies” complex. The exceptional and authentic Bulgarian atmosphere in DREAM SPA center reminds the Bulgarian visitors of the forgotten times of the old public bath as a place to chat and rest, suitable for the whole family. It introduces the foreign visitors to Bulgarian history and culture, combined with relaxing, rejuvenating and inspiring treatments and therapies. Furthermore, DREAM SPA center helps to improve people’s health and reach a complete harmony between body and spirit.

The treatments applied are entirely with Bulgarian bio natural products. The materials used contain the typical traditional ingredients such as lavender, Damascus rose and the derived from them essential oils, used in soaps, aromatic salts, scrubs and applications, oils of cold-pressed nuts, beeswax, curative Bulgarian mud, lye, herbal extracts.



Steam bath

A warm (40-50°С) and humid (100%) confined space, in which the skin becomes very soft, elastic and rejuvenated, free of dead cells and fats. An excellent place for recovering strength, purifying the body of slag, hardening and decreasing the weight.

Finnish and herbal sauna

The Finnish sauna is dry (about 15%) and hot (90° - 110°С). The body is heated by hot air, healthy perspiration is stimulated and cholesterol and harmful toxins are released.

The herbal sauna is an evolution of the Finnish sauna with a higher humidity of the air (30-40%) and lower temperature (60°С), combined with herbs, grasses and pine branches. It has favorable effect on the cardiovascular system, the hair and the skin, has a pleasant purifying effect on the airways and a relaxing function.

Salt room

The rock salt therapy recreates the natural micro-climate of the salt caves by saturating the environment with high concentration salt aerosol; it relieves and heals. The halotherapy is a 100% pure and natural; it is safe and ensures long-lasting effect on the body.

Ice room

A cooling treatment after heating the body in the sauna or the steam bath. It improves the blood circulation, strengthens the immune system of the body, helps relieve the stress and has an invigorating and refreshing effect.

Adventure cave

Contrasting emotions, caused by different water jets, flavors and temperature. Ideal after the hot SPA treatments, it leaves an unforgettable relaxing effect.

Relax zone

A warm, intimate and comfortable place, where you can close your eyes and relax every muscle of your body in a blissful rest. Here you can spend some time in solitude, enjoying pleasant music or a book.

hydromassage therapies
hydromassage therapies
rejuvenating facial treatment
rejuvenating facial treatment
massage 1
massage 1
medical spa reception
medical spa reception

SPA therapies

Dream SPA, the SPA center at Topola Skies, offers a wide variety of therapies with premium cosmetics and bio-products:

  • Classic massages, peelings and spa rituals
  • Aromatherapy
  • Anti-cellulite and slimming therapies
  • Cleaning, firming and rejuvenating facial treatments
  • Detox therapies
  • Herbal and citrus massage
  • Hydromassage and aromatic baths
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